StudioLinkedVST BASSx (Win64)

Table of Contents

BASSx is 2 plugin bundle. The bundle consist of
a Drum machine and a Synthesizer plugin.

Packed with tons of Mr.Collipark-s legendary Drums & Synths from decades of hits.

Covers tons of categories like Tuned percussion – Synthesized bass – leads –
club kits – reggaeton kits – ATL Kits – Miami bass kits and more to help give you
that Mr.Collipark type of sound.

Instrument Categories:

Drum Machine Contains: Drum Kit – ATL Kits – Twerk Kits – Club Kits – EDM Trap Kits
Reggaeton Kits – Miami Bass Kits – Signature Mr.Collipark Kits.
808 – Tuned Percussion – Screwed Vox – Female Vox Chops.

Synthesizer Plugin Contains: Leads – Plucks – Bass – Synth Fxs – Fx Risers

Drum Machine Interface: 12 Pads – 12 Sliders – Reverb – Pan – Tune – Preset Browser

Works With:

Windows Users (64-bit only): WinXP – WinVista – Win7 – Win8+

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