Puremagnetik Bundle 2022-10 Win-Mac

Vanisher is a granular audio processor and spatial effect that blurs the lines between the cosmic and the worldly. It takes any sound you feed it, chops it up into microscopic particles and re-configures it in time and space. You can create phase-induced 3D audio effects, granular blurring, glitching and much more. Swarm is a sound design effect inspired by «swarm intelligence» and «particle masses» such as those employed by composer Iannis Xenakis.

Puremagnetik Bundle 2022-10 WiN-MAC

  • Puremagnetik Fragment
  • Puremagnetik Fusia
  • Puremagnetik Klome
  • Puremagnetik Partikl
  • Puremagnetik Swarm
  • Puremagnetik Vanisher


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